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Stan came from working as paparazzi for a popular magazine, and also has over 15 years of experience as a photo journalist. He will never miss that special moment, and will shoot 100 times if needed to catch the perfect smile of you or your loved ones at the most memorable places in Myrtle Beach for family photo sessions. 



We hope that as you browse around, you’re able to get to know our creative us a little better, and consider us as your Myrtle Beach Photographers!

Most people would say that we’re a comfortable mix of casual tradition & good ole’ fashioned whimsical fun! We like to let our hair down, wiggle our toes in the sand, and chill out with some relaxing music and a nice aged bottle of something yummy!

After all, that’s what living in South Carolina is all about, right?


Myrtle Beach has so many wonderful things to offer, and with each passing year we’ve enjoyed establishing this beautiful city as our home. Originally we met in Ukraine, and after a beautiful courtship, we were married there in June of 2011. Our wedding was definitely an extraordinary experience.If you’ve ever planned a “destination wedding” then you probably know exactly what we’re talking about.  Unfortunately, Ukraine is not the best versed in customer service, to say the least. There were times when we thought about just eloping to run away from it all.  But alas, we decided to do the right thing for our families’ sake, and it also taught us a huge lesson in patience. We also gained a vast appreciation for America’s civility. What a refreshing change.

In January of 2013 we were blessed with the birth of our first wonderful son! He has definitely turned our world inside out, and has filled our lives with many new levels of excitement. It’s a shame he didn’t get here a month earlier, we could have at least added him to the tax write-off list! (JUST KIDDING!) In all seriousness, he has become our number one pride and joy! Our newest blessing arrived February 2019 and now we feel that our family is complete, although our oldest wants many more brothers lol! Becoming a parent has been very exciting. Seeing them learn everything for the first time and thinking about how smart they are gives us many proud Mama & Papa moments. It’s funny though how our own parents seem to have even forgotten about us . When they come to visit, they only seem to ask us “Where’s the baby?”

Oh, but I'm sure you want to know most about the puppy!!! Nikki is our beagle that only listens when it benefits her and she is lively and full of character as can be! Our oldest has the best time with her chasing each other all over the house! We also have a cat named Pelican,  but he skipped our last photo session.

When we’re not exploring new activities with our little men we love entertaining guests, enjoying some fine dining, and of course the beach. Believe it or not, all of the beautiful sunshine of South Carolina actually has us missing the SNOW! Yes we know . . . we’re a little crazy!


If you’d like to learn more about how AWESOME we are, give us a call, or schedule a session today.

About PhotoMyrtleBeach as a company:

Myrlte Beach photography Studio 2012-201

Photo Myrtle Beach front of the studio image 2012 - 2018

Back in the day Stan was trying to shoot every single opportunity; every customer with every personal idea has been satisfied and blown away seeing the creativity and passion that we put in every shoot. Now, we have narrowed down our services towards certain areas, and primarily shooting outdoors. We do lots of family beach photography, weddings, as well as senior portraits at the beach. Building a good and strong reputation for our state in crafting unforgeable experiences one photoshoot at a time.

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