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Myrtle Beach Family Sessions

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Family Beach Portraits Sessions

Finding good family photographer in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Myrtle Beach Photographers | Choosing session time.

Deciding between Morning sessions vs Sunset sessions:

Things to keep in Mind

Morning Session:

- warm summer lighting

- usually less windy than the evening time

- best for little ones, however, if your child is not a morning person or gets a little fussy in the sun this bright sun may not be best.

- photoshoots start in the trees to avoid bright morning sun, and continue to the beach under the pier

Sunset Session:

- softer, better lighting, not many sunbathers, and cooler outside

- usually windier than the morning sessions

- good idea to bring snacks for the little ones if it is around your dinner time

- for family beach portraits, sunset time is the number one choice with families and photographers

-this session also includes photoshoots in the trees giving your family a variety of looks

Happy Choosing :)

Family Photo Session Tips: https://www.photomyrtlebeach.com/photography-news/myrtle-beach-family-portraits-tips-for-vacation-photogrphy

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